Thursday, December 28, 2017

Raising the Table

For Christmas I asked for these....

Lately, I have been having more and more difficulty sitting and using my workhorse sewing machine. I love my Janome 1600 for just plowing through fabric but it sits a bit high on my sewing table. That means I have my chair set at the highest point, a pillow to sit on and a box on the floor to raise the foot pedal. The problem is that I still need to hold my arms up to sew and that is getting quite tedious and tiring. I feel it in my shoulders after sewing for a bit.

My son Eric helped me to put these bed risers under the table legs and I think it should raise the table high enough that I can stand and sew.

I will let you know whether I like this solution or not. I am hoping it solves the problem - it would be an easy fix if it does. :)

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