Friday, December 8, 2017

On Ringo Lake

I couldn't take it anymore! I caved in and started working on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt. All along I have been pulling fabric possibilities just in case I had no willpower. ;)

A whole gaggle of one-winged geese has landed on my sewing table. ;) 
I started with the second clue yesterday and I got a good start on making the flying geese but before I could even get going on those I had to replenish my stock of neutral strips.

I have finished quite a few quilts recently and I mentioned yesterday that En Provence used up a lot of my purple bits but it also decimated my neutrals. I still have lots of strips in the bins but I needed much more variety to be able to participate in this mystery. So I pulled out the larger hunks and chunks as well as fat quarters and yardage of neutral fabrics from my stash and cut mainly 1.5", 2" and 2.5" strips. I don't normally use a lot of 3.5" strips so I cut much fewer of those. It took forever but I am ready!

The actual colour of this fabric is somewhere in-between this photo and the photo above!
I love the colour scheme Bonnie has chosen but I just couldn't reconcile the coral/salmon/melon/whatever. I just didn't have enough variety in my stash, so, I was thinking I would go with oranges and pinks together. For some reason I vetoed every fabric I pulled from my stash. So, after I read in her instructions that going with just one fabric of each colour family would be fine in the finished quilt I chose that option for the coral. Whew...that works so much better for me. :) The fabric that I chose has lots of streaky movement and multiple shades of what I would call coral so I think it solves my problem.

The third clue will be released this morning so I have a lot to get caught up with!

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