Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery - Clue 5

Not much to see but at least I have the pieces all cut and ready to be sewn today. :)

We had our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was a very low key day. My eldest son Adam and his partner Anna stayed overnight Christmas Eve and we all opened our gifts in the morning. My husband and I were so done and we just didn't want to do much of anything so our son Eric made breakfast for everyone. That was very nice of him because I know he was tuckered out too!

Anyway, we all spent the day in our pajamas and we played several board and card games at the kitchen table. It was a wonderful day spent with my precious family. Adam and Anna had to leave at around 4 or 5 to go for dinner at her parents place, so, sadly we had to say goodbye. :(

A couple hours after they left I made it into my sewing room to get the cutting done for this clue but that was all I could manage.

Now that the mad rush of getting everything ready for Christmas is behind us I am sort of at a loss as to what to work on now. I do have the mystery quilt but each step usually only takes a day or two to complete. That is just not going to be enough for me....I need more! :) Up until now I hadn't really had the time to think about what actually comes next. The question is - do I start the new quilt that I have been thinking about or should I take a look at the quilts that I have started and have stashed away and dig them out, or, should I do both? Hmmmmmm.....

I am linking up at Quiltville - On Ringo Lake.


Chantal said...

Both. :^D

Jo said...

Drag out one that has been started. When the mystery top is done start your new one... go for it..

belarmina said...

Ellen veo unos días divertidos con la familia.
Pasar un dia en pijama es lo mas maravilloso.
En España aún no terminamos la locura.
El dia de los regalos es el día 6 de enero día de Reyes.
Seguimos nerviosos

Deb A said...

Both! Enjoy.

kupton52 said...

I'm already behind on my quilt...but I'll catch up after the first of the year! Just found your blog through the link-up...love the name. I'm an only child who lost both parents not long ago---dad always called me his "little jewel". When I saw your blog name I knew I had to start reading it...am having fun going through the archives. Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts are always wonderful. Have fun! Blessings....