Monday, December 11, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery - Clue 3

See all of those neutral strips in the background  - I cut a ton!
As soon as Bonnie Hunter posted this step I was downloading the instructions and printing them off. It was really fast and easy for me to cut the rectangles because I was cutting from one big hunk of fabric instead of from smaller pieces or strips of fabric. I cut wide strips and then subcut them to the smaller measurement and it was quick, quick, quick.

To make the required block pieces I have chosen to follow the Bonnie method.  I had previously cut a whole slew of neutral strips so they were all ready for me to cut the triangles for the corners of the rectangles using my easy angle ruler. Lucky for me I just happen to have a Simple Folded Corners ruler to use for cutting the corners off the rectangles prior to sewing. Now I just need to find some time to use it. :)

I have already used this ruler when I was making the sweater blocks for Adam's ugly Christmas sweater quilt and it worked out quite well for me.

My coral rectangles still require lots of attention before they are finished and ready to be used and I am looking forward to digging in. I hope to be able to show more progress a little later this week.

Funny thing, after I posted about having no willpower to resist this mystery I noticed this tissue box sitting beside my computer.

No wonder I couldn't resist - I was constantly getting this subliminal message every time I used my computer. :)

Today is mystery Monday link up over at Quiltville - pop on over and check out all of the mystery quilts in progress.


Bente Antonsen said...

Glad you could not resist the mystery. It is going to be a goregous quilt. The Simple Folded corner ruler is great. Yesterday I discovered more lines to be used when trimming. i love this ruler!

Marly said...

That's a very pretty coral-coloured fabric!

Deb A said...

You are too funny! I have that coral fabric - got a 1/2 yard cut. I think I need to go work on step 2 so I can maybe get to step 3 this weekend....
Glad you joined in... might motivate me to make progress on mine.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

I love your marbled fabric.

KaHolly said...

That’s funny! Glad you’re enjoying the mystery! Can’t wait to see it finished!

WiltedQuilter said...

I have been using my Simple Folded Corners Ruler quite a bit. Very happy with the Oversized method.