Thursday, December 14, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Getting Caught Up

I have now completed clue 2 and clue 3 of the mystery and I wonder if this is it for the coral fabrics. I could be wrong but I have used up most of my coral fabric and I was cutting from yardage.

I still need to work on clue 1 and that used aquas/browns/neutrals. I don't think I will be in a rush to start that clue until Friday though. That is when the next clue will be released and I suspect it will use the same colours so I can cut both clues at the same time. I like quick and efficient...and easy!

And speaking of easy - I really liked using the Bonnie method of making the parallelogram rectangles in clue 3. It was very quick to use the Simple Folded Corners ruler to cut off the ends of the rectangles on an angle and then quickly add the hsts on each end. Once I had these units all done and stacked into little piles I couldn't help but wonder if they will be part of the border?

Even though the cut-off corners from the rectangles were rather small I still saved them. You never know, they just may end up in another crumb quilt at some point. :) It is a sickness I tell you - I just couldn't let them go!

Between clue two and three combined there were a ton of neutral half square triangles used and that meant a whole ton of cutting. I am glad that I did pre-cut a lot of neutral strips ahead of time while working on the flying geese in clue 2 and that really did help with clue 3.

I think from now on I will make a point of cutting and keeping lots of neutral hsts in my parts boxes as a standard practice. It does make sense for me to do that because I do make a lot of scrappy quilts and these little nuggets are always in demand. I think if I just make it a routine I will always have a healthy supply with really little effort.


Bente Antonsen said...

Saving scraps have become a passion!! I was thinking of a wild and goosey quilt when I saved the triangles from clue 2 and 3.

Jo said...

Oh wow. You are doing well. Already for today's new clue. I'm about to print mine