Saturday, December 30, 2017

On Ringo Lake Clue 1 & 6

I thought I was going to get all caught up today and then Bonnie had a surprise for us. She released clue 7 one day after releasing clue 6. :)

I did finish clue 1 and I think my little nine patches look really cute. When I was working on them last night things were not so cute. I didn't have a very good start because as I was sewing the strips together I started with 2 neutrals with the aqua in the center. Oops...thankfully I didn't get too many strips done incorrectly. I did unpick them and then sewed everything together the right way!

I have been working on clue 6 today and I got all of my triangles cut. I was hoping to finish sewing all of the triangles to the units from clue 4 but I ran out of bobbin thread - grrr. I don't have any bobbins left that are filled and ready to pop into the machine. I used up the last batch very quickly it seems. I usually fill 10 bobbins at a time and when they run out I make sure to take the time to clean and oil my machine.
This is where I started air sewing - I really don't have too many units left to do but I think they will wait until tomorrow.


Deb A said...

I hate when that happens! I take it as a sign to leave the room until another day. Great job working on the clues.... you are ahead of me now!

Jo said...

Good work. You sound like you have been zooming along. At least 7 hasn't got any cutting.

Ramona said...

I’m about 2/3 of the way done with clue 6 and was surprised to see clue 7 posted today. That one shouldn’t take long. Great looking nine patches!

Chantal said...

You're doing a great job at catching up. I usually do three bobbins at a time but I like the idea of making more and then clean the machine when they are all gone. I usually forget to clean the machine on a regular basis. I think about it when something goes wrong. Yuck! Thanks for the tip. Have a wonderful New Year! ;^)