Friday, December 15, 2017

Customer Quilt

This is the last quilt that I have for Rosalie this year and I finished it late last night and trimmed it this morning.

It is a wonderfully, snuggly, flannel winter/Christmas quilt. The colours in the quilt in real life are a bit more rich than in the photo but as you can see it does looks really nice and cozy. Just simple squares of fabric - not all quilts need to be complicated. :)  I really like the striped border that she added and it reminds me that I should use more stripes in my borders as well.

Rosalie chose a gold thread from Cansew #6720 and I used a tan SuperBob in the bobbin. The batting used is 80/20 cotton/poly and the panto is Triloba by Hermione Agee.

We have had a blast of frigid air over the past few days but it is supposed to get better today. This quilt makes me want to wrap up in it and hunker down in front of the fireplace but there is no time for that!

Things are so hectic this time of year and it is hard to try to find time to fit it all in. I had to pick up last minute Christmas gifts yesterday and run a few errands so I had a late start on this quilt. Thankfully, I don't work at a real job so I have more control over how I spend my time but things are starting to feel quite real. Christmas Eve is just nine days away and I am at least one week behind where I wanted to be. Oh well....that's life I guess. :)

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