Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Making Progress on Old Tobacco Road

Yesterday, I turned my attention back to Old Tobacco Road and I attached the final border. Ooooh I love that paisley! I also pieced together the backing and even though it was very large and unwieldy I didn't have too many difficulties trying to control it as I stitched it together. Dealing with such large pieces of fabric really is not my favourite thing to do and if I can I will always go for a wide backing. Not an option this time because I specifically wanted to use my chosen fabrics so I had a choice to grumble or smile and I chose to smile.

I also got the backing loaded before I went to Tai Chi last evening but that is where I left off. This morning I finished setting everything up and I am raring to go but I have an exercise class early this afternoon that I don't want to miss. As I have said before, once I get everything set up and going I just want to get it done without interruption. I did do a test to check my thread tension and I see that my top tension is a bit too tight. The dark brown bobbin thread is showing as dots on the lighter fabric and that is not the look I am going for. :)
Peanut and Molly before spa
I took my pups for grooming on Sunday - they were both very unruly looking and I am pretty sure that Molly couldn't see anything through that long hair over her eyes.
Molly and Peanut after spa 
I no longer have dust mops. :)


canuckquilter said...

Cute pups, both before and after grooming :) I don't like piecing large backs either. I do a happy dance when there's a perfect wide back available, but as you say, sometimes the quilt needs a particular fabric and we just try to smile and get to work.

belarmina said...

Ellen tu tela de borde es muy bonita
tus cachorros estan muy bellos

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Love Paisley! I think the quilting pattern is going to be great as it seems to follow the lines of the Paisley fabric from what I can see. Beautiful!

Love sis

Aunt 'Reen said...

Such sweet little pups, they are very cute!
I really like that paisley border on your Tobacco Road quilt.
This is a terrific scrappy quilt, happy to see it make it's way to the quilt frame.

Sheila said...

The paisley is gorgeous , great choice . Your pups look pretty cute all trimmed up.

Jo said...

Hi Ellen... I have missed a bit. How are you going with your 7 sisters quilts...