Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Onto the Binding

trimmed and ready for binding
I really didn't have any plans to do any sewing yesterday other than to trim my latest quilt and tuck in the thread tails - but things changed. ;)

I had a few things going on yesterday, cleaning and then visitors later in the morning and an exercise class in the afternoon. Shortly after I got home I made dinner, took the dogs for a walk and then I sat down to read some blogs. Well, that was when I read Bonnie Hunter's post for the day and she said she was going to have quilt cam at 8pm. I haven't caught a live quilt cam since forever and I was looking forward to it.

binding while watching quilt cam
I don't have a good connection to wifi in my sewing room so I needed to find something to work on that was very portable and that I could take to my computer. I quickly made some scrappy binding for Crumby Kisses from 2"strips that I already had in my strip bins. The front of the quilt is very scrappy so pretty much anything goes but the back has dots of yellow, green, and orange as well as those blueish flower bursts so I chose those colours for the binding.  I figured I could hand stitch the binding while watching quilt cam. I was a bit hurried but whew....I got the binding attached by machine to the quilt just in time to watch. :)

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Glad you caught the Bonnie Hunter quilt cam. Your quilt is looking very lovely. Even taking it off the long arm, trimming it up makes such a difference, you can really see how nice your quilts is turning out.

Love sis