Sunday, October 1, 2017

En Provence - Ready for Assembly!

I made good progress over the past week with finishing up all of the individual units that make up this quilt. Not too shabby with the progress if you consider I only started sewing the units while I was on retreat during the week of Sept 18. Happily, I did do all of the cutting ahead of time and that has really made the process of making the units so much quicker. The downside of cutting all of the fabric (as well as the fabric for Old Tobacco Road) over just a couple days was that it made my back and shoulders complain. It wasn't exactly the most fun I have ever had, but the past is the past! :)

I am looking forward to see how my quilt will look when all of these little sub-units come together into blocks and then those turn into the quilt top. It is always exciting for me to see a quilt top come together!

I think I am going to spend some extra time in my sewing room today. I had intended on going on my treadmill yesterday and today but my quads are too tired. When I went for my physical on Tuesday my doctor suggested that instead of focusing on distance and speed that I should work at increasing the incline while I am walking - even if it means walking at a much slower pace. I think it is probably a good idea and I wanted to start this weekend but I don't think so. When I did my exercise class on Friday I didn't think that I had worked tooooo hard but I guess I did. One word.....lunges......they are my nemesis!!! I can do squats no problem but when it comes to lunges I am really challenged. Over the past several months I have found that I am able to do more of them at each session but I think I overdid it on Friday because when I woke up Saturday morning I realized how hard I had actually worked!


Bente Antonsen said...

Nice work! I love this quilt. Mine is on its way from the longarm quilter.Looking forward to get it home. Best wishes.

scraphappy said...

You know it is an extra hard class when your quads are still reminding you about it days later. En Provence looks great. All ready for assembly!