Monday, October 2, 2017

Building Blocks

not enough room on my design wall for all 16 - these ones looked good
Wow...I did make really good progress yesterday and I got all 16 main blocks completed.  I put some of them up on my design wall to take a photo this morning and they all look very pretty but I realized that not all of the blocks looked the same. :(

the top row of each of these blocks has a problem
I found 3 messed up blocks trying very hard to fit in with the rest but happily I noticed them while they were still easy to fix. I hope that I have found them all!

All three blocks have been fixed and added to the rest and I have moved onto the next step of construction.

On another very sad note I am horrified by the attack that has taken place in the US overnight. My sympathies to all those that have been affected by this horrific event.


Deb A said...

Good catch! You made a lot of progress. Loving the colors.

belarmina said...

Ellen que bonitos bloques
me gustan!!!