Saturday, October 28, 2017

A New-to-Me Machine

My friend Rose invited me for a little visit a couple weeks ago and look what I came home with.

Rose was looking for a new home for this sweet machine, a Singer 99, and she gave it to me! This is not just any old Singer 99 but a Centennial model 1851 - 1951 and it comes with this beautiful wood case.

Look at the pretty face plate. The machine is in good condition and Rose said it works very well and she was right. There was a matter of a missing needle plate but I just happened to have one available that can be used on this machine. I used this little beauty to stitch together the backing for Crumby Kisses and the machine worked perfectly. I did need to adjust the stitch length and I found that it is quite primitive on this machine. It is just a simple knob without any markings and I just turned it until I got the stitch length I wanted. You can see it in the photo - the shiny knob above the Singer badge.

My visit wasn't just about the machine, we had a cup of tea and some conversation and it was a really nice visit. Since joining my Guild I have met so many wonderful women who just happen to have the same hobby and that is what has brought us together but, of course, we are all so much more than that. Joining the Guild was one of the best decisions I have made. :)

While I was visiting Rose, we looked over her stash of quilting patterns and I borrowed these two. She has not made them yet and they were just sitting in the box waiting to be opened and used.

I think they will be fun and quick to make and I am looking forward to doing so. Maybe they will be made on my new-to-me Singer 99 and every time I look at the finished quilts I will think of Rose!


Chantal said...

O.M.G!!! What a gorgeous little machine. Being a Centennial one, she must be worth a lot but most important, it must be so much fun sewing with her. Lucky girl! I love the patterns too. Can't wait to see the quilts you will make with these. Enjoy! ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen Felicidades!!! es maravillosa
disfruta de tu joya

Quilter Kathy said...

OH my goodness that is a real beauty!
The decals are beautiful and the case is in such great condition!

Cathy said...

Lovely machine and really fun patterns! Joining the guild was one of the best things I ever did too!

barbara woods said...


Phyllis in Iowa said...

I just found your blog. Singer 99s are fun little machines that sew through nearly everything I put under the needle. I often place one in my 3/4 size Singer treadle for vintage and antique sewing machine demos.

Cathy said...

What a nice friend and sewing machine. Sadly...I'm not a joiner, but a loner.

That Strip Off pattern looks interesting. I'd probably make it with uneven scrappy strings. In fact, I just put it on my list of string possibilities! (I don't think I need a pattern).