Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Call me a procrastinator! I really should have made this block much earlier in the month but I guess I got all caught up in my 'finishing quilt tops' goal. I need to make a block for my Guild Pizza Box Challenge and my topic this month is Leisure Time and, naturally, I need it for tomorrow.

What do I do in my leisure time if I am not sewing you ask? Well, I have been known to spend time putting jigsaw puzzles together, playing brain games like Sudoku and logic puzzles, reading, in good weather I poke around in the garden, and I also play computer games.

Hmmm....computer games....so, I went looking for a game design that wouldn't/shouldn't be too difficult to translate into a quilt block. The blog Fandom in Stitches came to my rescue and I found an Angry Birds paper pieced pattern that I thought could work. The pattern calls for lots of tiny paper piecing and I thought that would be just too much for me so I am going to do my best to applique it.

The only other thing that I 'have to' do today is go to a medical appointment so I think I should be able to get it all finished and hopefully make it look good too!

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