Thursday, March 2, 2017

Midget Block #97 - Western Rose

I prepped this block to work on while at my Guild social sew yesterday and I actually made some progress. Normally, if I do take something to work on it just sits while I chatter away. I love spending time with my people chatting about life and quilts and other very important topics. :0

While there I managed to applique these little pieces onto the background square even with all of my socializing. :) Last evening I finished it up and I think it turned pretty cute even with my beginner applique skills. They certainly have not improved much over time because as we know practice makes improvement and I have not been practicing!

I used a Frixion pen to mark my design and after pressing it has disappeared although a small black mark was left on one of the petals of the flower because my iron has a burned on build-up on it. If anyone knows an easy and effective way to clean the face of an iron I would appreciate some help with that. I am sure the mark will wash off but I prefer to just not have it there to begin with.

I haven't worked on these blocks since forever and I really did enjoy it. Why did I stop?


blauraute said...

Hallo Ellen,
this block looks very nice. I think now you'll make the other blocks as soon as possible.
Have a nice weekend

Deb A said...

That came out great! I peek in the drawer at mine... and some day they might get made into a quilt.... someday.

belarmina said...

Ellen tu bloque es muy bonito
¿sera un edredón grande con mas bloques ?

scraphappy said...

Your block turned out adorably! The only way to improve your applique skills is to keep doing it, but I think it looks great.