Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Finally Have a Plan!

Westering Women has been on my mind since I completed the blocks and I think I finally have 'the plan' to help it on its way to completion. The biggest problem for me is that with just 12 - 12" blocks it doesn't really make a quilt of usable size. I like to make quilts that are at least big enough to snuggle on the couch with.

I have gone through several design ideas and trying to figure out how to execute them as well as making sure I have enough fabric to do so can be a real challenge so some designs have been rejected.

If my plan works I will be sashing the blocks and bordering the quilt with these 3 fabrics. It is not a very complicated design and I hope I can make it all come together into a cohesive and, hopefully, attractive quilt!

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belarmina said...

Ellen guarde los patrones Westering mujeres para un futuro
tus elección de telas me gusta, son muy bonitas
buena semana