Sunday, March 5, 2017

Customer Quilts

Now that my long arm is repaired I am so happy with it! Even though I am still a bit nervous and have some residual trust issues the machine has been performing very well - thank goodness!!

I got my machine back in January while I was in the throes of the dealing with the flu so I wasn't able to test it right away. As soon as I was feeling well enough I did tuck into it and so far so good.

I was working on Rosalie's quilt when I noticed the issues on the back and I ended up ripping out all of the quilting I had put in. Her quilt was quite large - 92" x 92" - and I had got it about one-third quilted. I was very unhappy and panicked about what I was going to do. But, in the end, all is well that ends well!

I finished Rosalie's quilt a few weeks ago with the help of my sister Cheryl. Thank goodness she helped me because after ripping out the original stitches I was quite anxious about the result the second time around! Cheryl was like a jack-in-a-box popping up and down from underneath the quilt while I was quilting. She was constantly checking to make sure the stitching was just as nice underneath as it was on top. Gotta love sisters!!!

Rosalie used a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Carolina Christmas but she put her own twist on the design and I think it turned out beautiful. I quilted it using the panto 'Deb's Swirls' and a med/lt green thread. Rosalie is very happy with her quilt - she did a great job and it looks fantastic!!


Chantal said...

Rosalie's quilt is awesome and you did an awesome job too. Sisters are wonderful. You're lucky yours is so close. ;^)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I really love Rosalie's quilt and quilt pattern she used! It did turn out beautiful!

love sis

Linda said...

Awesome job! Love the quilting pattern.

belarmina said...

Ellen precioso edredón !!!
buena semana

KaHolly said...

Yay! Success! I want a long arm so much, I can taste it. But because I live in a relatively remote area, I worry about servicing. Well done!