Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Last Batch

Rocky Mountain Chain, Bears Paw and Road to California
I did it! I even redid the first block that for some reason I had a brain cramp and made the wrong size. ;)

Independence Square
So, the next step is to figure out how I want to set these blocks. All twelve blocks stitched together won't make a very big quilt even with sashing added and I really do prefer to make larger quilts. I want my quilts to be used and not just looked at so it definitely needs to be bigger. I like the Way West setting that Barbara Brackman showed on her blog. Here is the link to the instructions. I have to think about it a bit though because there are also other options available.

All 12 blocks mashed together!
In any case, I will have to figure out which fabrics I have in large enough quantities that will work to finish this quilt. I may even purchase something new. I love a good reason to buy more fabric! :)


Chantal said...

Congratulations! You did it! Before me! lol. So happy for you Ellen. Enjoy the brain storm for the next step. ;^)

blauraute said...

Hello Ellen,
what beautiful blog. You're very busy. Since yesterday I'm able to make comments again. I have choiced the browser, and now everything is okay.
Now I'll going to Barbara's page to see the intruction this wonderful quilt. Since a year I'am doing block for block from the Farmer's Wife Sampler, only 19 to do.
Have a nice and creative day in your sewingroom

Deb A said...

Congrats. Well, how about you were just making a special block for the back to sign your name on? Very pretty blocks and 'need fabric to finish a quilt' is always a great excuse.