Monday, February 20, 2017

Blue Cheese is Ready for Quilting!

Finally, a finished top!
I love quilts and I love to make quilts. As a matter of fact, I love just about everything about quilting but in particular I love finished quilts. There was a time, several years ago, that I would start a quilt and I would work on it until it was finished. I could and would work on one hand piecing/quilting and one machine piecing/quilting project simultaneously. I may have even started piecing a second quilt just as I was coming to the point of doing the actual quilting but I never, ever, had so many quilt projects underway sitting idle and taking up space and cluttering my mind as I now have.

It was like an assembly line, but a fun one and I enjoyed the process immensely! I would finish so many quilts and pass them on to their recipients and I felt really good about it. It worked perfectly for me. Over the past few years, I have taken on and started so many quilts that I have been feeling really bogged down and I don't like it. I don't like it one bit so I am going back to what worked best for me.

In January, I had hoped to finish three quilt tops -  I did get the Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt turned into a top but then I decided it needed a border - so not finished. I needed some time to think about how I wanted to proceed and I think I now have a plan. Blue Cheese did get some attention but was not completed and I didn't even touch Westering Women. So in the end I didn't get any of them to the finished quilt top stage in January but stuff happens in life and I will just keep moving forward with the plan.
ready and waiting for a border
The good news is that I have finished my Blue Cheese quilt and it is ready for quilting. February is not January but I am happy none-the-less! I am thinking of using blue for the backing but if I don't have any blue fabric that works for me then I just may use a beige/cream fabric.

I just want to see some finished quilts coming out of my sewing room!!


Deb A said...

You and me both! Congrats on Blue Cheese to a top stage. Hopefully the Sweater quilt has figured out what it wants for a border and you can have another quick finish. Will you be hand quilting the Blue Cheese or machine quilting once the long arm is behaving?
Wondering how the Seven Sisters are coming along.

Chantal said...

I too feel bogged down with too many projects. Before Internet came to my house, I was a one or two quilts at a time kind of person. I need to go back to that method of mine. I love Blue Cheese and I congratulate you on getting it to the top stage. I think a beige backing would be nice. It will be Blue Cheese on crackers, lol. ;^)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Love Chantal's idea of Blue Cheese on Crackers and makes a great name too! Blue Cheese looks so lovely Ellen. Your Ugly Sweaters top is so damn cute and I cannot wait to see it with your beautiful border idea.

Love sis

belarmina said...

Ellen me encanta tu edredón queso azul

Aunt 'Reen said...

Congratulations, Blue Cheese is a fabulous and beautiful finish! I'm curious to see what type of border you come up with for your Christmas Sweater quilt.