Monday, January 16, 2017

I Did Good! :)

I have added the sashing and my Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt blocks have turned into a top. I think it turned out so cute! I won't call it a finished flimsy yet because I still want to add borders. I haven't decided on the border design so I packed the top and all of the extra fabric pieces back into the project box and it will stay there until I can decide what I want to do. Hopefully, I will make a decision quickly!

Over the past couple weeks I had spent quite a considerable amount of time tidying up my sewing room and putting away a lot of 'stuff'. I am so happy that I managed to keep with my resolve to tidy up as soon as I am done with something. I even turned these leftover stitch and flip corners into 2.5" bonus hsts and put them back in the project box as well. I don't know if I will need them for this quilt but I will keep it all together until I am completely finished. I am sure that staying organized will save me hours of rummaging around in my room trying to find something. :)

This is where I left off  at the end of November.
Next up to be worked on is my Blue Cheese quilt and I have pulled out the project box in anticipation of digging in. I think I only need to make the border sections to be able to finish it off.

My long arm is supposed to come back to me tomorrow. We will see if that happens because we are expecting freezing rain in our area overnight and into tomorrow and it may delay the delivery.


canuckquilter said...

The ugly Christmas sweater pattern didn't appeal to me, but yours turned out really cute! I'm sure you'll figure out just the right border treatment for it. Blue Cheese is looking good too. I hope your longarm's arrival isn't delayed too long!

Chantal said...

You did excellent work. Love the Ugly Sweater quilt. Don't you think it needs another name because it ain't ugly you know? I too re-organized my sewing room for the simple reason that I was tired of always searching for what was "in my hand two minutes ago"! (You can probably relate.) Hope you get your long arm tomorrow so you can play again. ;^)

Danice G said...

Your Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt top is adorable! And I thought I was the only one just now finishing that QAL up. 'Finally got mine quilted and binded just recently. The Blue Cheese quilt is also very pretty. I have been wanting to do a navy & yellow (cheddar) quilt.

Deb A said...

Your Sweater quilt came out great. Good luck deciding on a border treatment. Love the blue cheese quilt! I am attempting to keep tidy... and get some things finished. Think I'll get off this computer and go sew! Hope the delivery is not delayed for you and it arrives safely.

BizarreQuilter said...

oh! I love the ugly sweaters! so tempting! giggle