Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Tree Napkins

I had planned to make some cute Christmas napkins for us to use on Christmas Eve while we are having our before dinner snacks and drinks and I got going on them yesterday. We usually have about 10 people for Christmas Eve dinner and so far I have made 8 of these napkins.

I had seen them on display at my local Fabricland and I thought the design was just so cute. I have a good supply of this Christmas print and it is perfect for these napkins.

They are quite simple to make from two semi circles of fabric. I made a pattern and the measurements are 17" across the long edge and 9.5" tall at the highest point.

I layered my fabric prints right side together and I pinned my pattern to the fabric and then cut them to size. I was comfortable layering two sets of napkins (ie. 4 layers of fabric).

I removed the pattern and then pinned the pairs together and just stitched 1/4" all around leaving an opening on the flat side to turn them right side out. Before turning them I trimmed the seam a little closer to my stitching line.

Once trimmed I turned them right side out and carefully pressed the seam. I then topped stitched them around the outer edge so that the layers of the napkins wouldn't shift and it also closed up the turning opening. Once done I pressed them one more time and then folded them.

Just a little special touch for Christmas Eve and I think my family and guests will enjoy using them.



belarmina said...

Ellen muy buena ida
me gusta
hice este patrón la navidad pasada
para colgar en el árbol

KaHolly said...

Not only cute, but very clever! Thanks for the little tute! XO

Chantal said...

Too cute! And so easy to make. The trick is in the folding. I love it. Thanks for sharing and for the tutorial. ;^)

Aunt 'Reen said...

These napkins are Super Darling!
Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful tutorial on how to make them.
I'd love to sew a few of them for gift giving.