Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Catching Up!

Gee....it has been so long since I posted that I actually forgot my password and had to look it up. Okay... that really is just too long! I have been working on a few quilting projects over the last couple months but I haven't made a lot of progress. I will share them over the next little bit of time but first I will share this block that I just finished working on.

I am participating in my Guild's Pizza Box Challenge and I can tell you that it really is a challenge for me. Each box comes with a theme that we are to follow - this one in particular is called Butterflies and/or Bees. The rules are that you must use a piece of the theme fabric in your design as well as a piece of the background fabric in your block.

I think that sometimes I do have brain block and I am hoping this challenge will help me to fix it.  I came up with the idea to make a butterfly out of hexies and I hand pieced them and then hand appliqued the butterfly to the background fabric. I think it turned out pretty cute. The butterfly is 6" across at the widest part so the hexies are pretty small. I wanted to have bees with my butterfly but I just couldn't make any of my bee fabrics work with the design so I drew in some bees with a pigma pen. I know it looks a bit silly but that really is the extent of my artistic ability. The theme fabric in this design is the yellow and it actually has butterflies on it but of course you can't tell. I probably should have fussy cut the hexies but I didn't want to use up too much of the fabric and not leave enough for later participants. The block will finish at 10". I have my guild meeting tomorrow so I got my block finished just in the nick of time.

Last month the Pizza Box that I received had the theme "In my Sewing Room" and I pieced my block to look like a sewing machine but I forgot to take a photo before I passed it on.


Chantal said...

So happy to to see you in Blogland again. Glad to see that all is well and you weren't away because of health issues. Love the butterfly block. You did a very good job with the bees too. ;^)

belarmina said...

Ellen me alegra verte de nuevo y que estas bien
tu bloque es muy bonito, una divertida mariposa

ES said...

I love love love this butterfly, I'd love to make a butterfly quilt one day, I've been collecting up ideas for it, I'll add the hexie butterfly idea to my collection of butterfly quilts that I've found online and on blogs! It's super cute.

Quilter Kathy said...

A gorgeous hexie butterfly ... very pretty!

KaHolly said...

There you are! I'm glad I decided reading blog posts sounded like more fun than washing the supper dishes! Enjoy your evening! I'm picturing you making hexies and watching a good show! XO