Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Sewing Day

I finished all of the blocks for my pinwheel quilt and sewed them all into the top yesterday. I am really loving the simplicity of the design and it really is quite pretty to look at. Now my thoughts have turned to borders. I know I want them but I am not too sure where to go from here so I started making these flying geese as a possibility. If it doesn't work out I can always use them in another quilt. I got quite a few geese made but nowhere near enough. I sewed a few together into a strip and they look pretty good together.

To make the geese, I raided my parts bins and I also pulled out a bunch of 2.5" strips from my bins and started cutting them to get the center triangles using my Easy Angle Companion ruler. I also ended up with a lot of hsts as a bonus because I used my Easy Angle ruler to take the first cut off each strip. Those extra hsts will go into my parts bins for another future quilt. It seems the more scraps I use, the more scraps I make!

A lot of the strips that I took out of the bins have started going all shaggy and hairy from being manhandled every time I searched for a specific colour  - they really do need to get out of my bins and into some quilts!


belarmina said...

Ellen es bonito tu vuelo de la oca,
me gusta !!

Chantal said...

I love the idea of the flying geese border. It looks gorgeous with your pinwheel quit, in my mind anyway. Little by little, you'll get it done. ;^)