Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pinwheels....of Course!

Last evening I was sitting in my sewing room trying to dream up a new quilt project to work on. I couldn't think of anything in particular that I was really anxious to start so I was feeling a bit stumped. I really want to make a dent in my stash and I wasn't very happy that I couldn't make a decision. That stash isn't going to turn itself into quilts without my help! So...there I was sitting and looking around and all of a sudden it came to me like a lightning flash - why don't I finish a quilt project I already have started....duh! lol

I pulled out my pinwheel project box and put all of the finished pinwheels up on my design wall. They do look pretty and I felt inspired to get working on making some more.

It was already getting late so I only sewed a few hsts together last night but I started back at it again this morning.

I took a break to make these yummy cheese rolls and then I spent time puttering around the house but I think I will start turning my sets of hsts into pinwheels tonight. :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Log Cabin Blocks

First Block
The son of one of my Guild's members was a resident of Fort McMurray and he was a victim of the recent terrible forest fires. He lost everything including several quilts made by his Mom, Rose. We are making log cabin blocks for Rose to make him another quilt and she will put them together over the summer months. I didn't see any guidance other than they are to finish at 8" and they are to have a cream 2" finished center block to be used as a signature block. So I jumped in and made a block. I decided to make my block using the colour green for renewal. I think it turned out well but then I reread the email.....
Second Block
Oops...she wanted them to be made with random sized logs. So I made another. :) I will donate both blocks because she still may be able to incorporate it in the quilt...or on the back.

I was able to make both blocks using fabrics from my parts bins, strip bins and string bins. I have many quilts waiting to be made from my scrappy stash....

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Very Quick Finish!

finished quilt
Wow...sewing the binding on didn't take long at all! I really thought it would take a couple evenings but it wasn't so. My husband and I settled in to watch The Battle of The Bulge on TCM last night and while we watched I sewed the binding on. For the binding I chose a darker brown fabric with a very low contrast print and it is the perfect finishing touch.

It is a small quilt and it finished at 47" x 53"which I think is a good size for a young child. Even though the prints are not really juvenile I still think a child would love to receive it.

All of the fabric used in this quilt came from stash and I pieced the batting from leftover hunks and chunks and that makes me happy!

I wasn't too sure about the backing fabric I used but I think it works just fine. The front of the quilt is a bit busy but you can really see the quilting design on the back.

close up of quilting on back
 I will take it with me to my Guild meeting on Wednesday for donation to our Outreach Program.

One quilt down and 9,999 to go! I have a lot of fabric to get through. ;)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Outreach Charity Quilt

Boy....it's been a while since I have blogged....again!  :) While I have been MIA I have been working, and resting and I have also spent quite a bit of time clearing up and 'sort of' sorting through all of my quilting stuff. Let's just say that I don't need anymore fabric. I have moved my long arm out of my sewing room and into what used to be the living room so that has given back quite a bit of space in my sewing room. I now have room to breathe and to make quilts!

Even though I haven't been very productive with my quilting over the last while I sure have been productive with fabric buying. :(  It has been a challenge trying to find places to stash my stash so I guess the best thing is to get to work and try to use it up!! :)

This charity quilt was just about finished when I put it aside. The last time I worked on it I thought that I would put a border of darker rectangles around the perimeter but after making quite a few sets I nixed the idea and decided to just quilt it and get it ready for donation. I would like to hand it in at my Guild meeting on Wednesday so I called it done.

I quilted it with a fun panto called Spaced Out and a darker neutral thread. I already have the binding attached by machine and I hope to get a good start at hand stitching it to the back this evening.