Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yellow and Gray

I see a renegade in the bottom right corner...grrr!
I haven't been doing very much sewing at all over the past few days as I have been busy with other commitments. :(   I really miss spending quality time with my sewing machine and I am pretty sure she misses me too!  I do still need to work on and send out the minutes for the last Guild Executive meeting but I really hope to have them done and off my list of things to do later today.

The block is quite large at 12.75" then sub cut into 4.25" sections.
Lately, I have been doing most of my sewing in the dining room but my son needed the space as he was entertaining a group of friends so I had to clean up my sewing sprawl. It was probably a good thing because it was starting to spread into the living room as well. ;) Before I did my clean up I did get some more of the yellow and gray Disappearing Pinwheel blocks made. I'm just about half done with the blocks - I would have had one more but there was an issue with my ruler and my rotary cutter. It certainly couldn't have been my fault that one of  the sections sliced from the larger pinwheel block was cut at the wrong size. ;)

Looking at all of the blocks made so far, I see that this quilt will indeed be very subtle looking. I do have some darker grays that will be included and some of those fabrics will be used in the next batch of blocks.


Chantal said...

I love gray and yellow together. Yours are so quiet and calm. It will be a beautiful peaceful quilt. ;^)

Deb A said...

That's the second yellow quilt I've seen today! Very cheerful. My mess trickles all over the house. 2 hours... I suppose I should pick up and clean up before hubby gets home tonight. Not good when you can write notes in the dust =) We've had the windows open over the weekend... sand travels.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Very pretty and soft! Love the yellow, gray and white together. I think your pattern choice is really very nice for these fabrics.

Love sis

Edith said...

Very pretty quilt, took me a while to see the renegade, would never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. Love the colours.