Thursday, February 25, 2016

Westering Women - Indian Territory

If you can believe it...this block took me just about all day to do. I just couldn't make up my mind which fabrics I wanted to use and I was such a slow mover all day - pretty much sloth-like. I tried a couple different fabrics and even cut and made components for the block before rejecting them. I don't have a large quantity of the background fabric and I want to use it throughout these blocks so I hope that I will be able to re-use the rejected pieces.

The good news for me is that I actually made the block the correct size this time and it will finish at 12". Last month I accidentally made the block at 9" and you can really see the difference when they are side-by-side. I am not sure if I will remake the first block or just add a small border around it. I will wait until I have all of the blocks made before I make a decision.

You can read all about the story behind this block at Civil War Quilts.


belarmina said...

Ellen tus bloques son bonitos,
¡buena decisión esperar atener todos los bloques hechos!
los estoy guardando para otro momento, ahora tengo muchísimas cosas empezadas

Chantal said...

Lovely block and I love the fabrics you've picked. I will probably take all day to decide on my fabrics too. lol. ;^)

Raewyn said...

I can totally relate - it often takes me longer to decide on the fabric than it does to sew up the block! Your resuling block is gorgeous and well worth the effort of getting the fabrics right. Too bad abouut last month's block. I'm still desciding whether to join in this SAL or not!

Jeanne said...

Both of your blocks are very pretty!