Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Definite Treasure!

fresh off the frame
This was a quilt top that my sister Glenda fell in love with and purchased at the spur of the moment. We did not take the time to examine it - the thought that there could be problems with it just did not enter our thoughts at all. That was a mistake - I guess we should never assume that all quilts are carefully pieced and well made.

I had taken the top home with me to quilt for my sister and it got lost and forgotten about in my sewing room. I rediscovered it and when I went to quilt it I found all of the issues that plagued this quilt top. You can read about it and process of me fixing it without making it 'my quilt' here and here and here.

The top is now a quilt - not quite finished - but it is quilted and trimmed. I will make the binding for my sister and I will tuck in all of the thread tails left from quilting it. I will then return it to her so she can finish it. 
back showing texture

I quilted it using a pantograph called Blossoms and gold thread. It finished at 72" x 92" and I love the texture of the quilting. I really do think it has turned out to be quite the treasure!


Deb A said...

Well worth all the effort you put into it for this treasure of a quilt. Beautiful quilting and a lovely almost finish.

Edith said...

What a beautiful quilt, I can see why you were so persistent with it. What a lovely job you did of fixing up and quilting.

belarmina said...

Elen todo el esfuerzo se ve recompensado,
es un edredón distinto y original