Monday, September 28, 2015

Rainbow Squared!

Finished quilt
I am so glad that I jumped right into working on the quilt for my ex-SIL even though I didn't need it for a couple weeks. This past week has just flown by as time does and I really didn't want to stress about getting the quilt finished and now I don't have to.

I have been working the past few days and I just haven't had the energy to do very much sewing, hence, no blogging either. ;)

The good news for me is that I did find small amounts of time and energy to get the binding on the quilt and finish it up. I was able to take advantage of bits of quiet time in the mornings to hand stitch the binding to the back. Those small moments added up to a finished quilt that I think turned out fabulous and I hope Pierette will think so too.

Field of Flowers by Keryn Emmerson
I have decided to call this quilt Rainbow Squared. I quilted it using a flower pantograph and I used white thread. I needed to make some marks on the panto to make sure that I followed the lines in the correct direction. It can sometimes be a bit confusing when you are moving along as to which line to follow. ;)

The quilt finished at 53" x 66"- not a large quilt by any means but I think it will be fine for her to use on the couch or on the end of her bed to pull up if she is chilly.

I think the binding really is perfect - front and back!
I have today off work and I dropped my car off this morning for some routine maintenance. I will be glad to have that done before the long drive to my brother's. One more item checked off the list of things to do!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Should Have Listened....

Not working for me!
because the quilt is always right! I thought that I would use the fabric that was leftover from the backing and I cut it into strips and pieced them together. As I was pressing it in half I kept thinking that the quilt wanted yellow, or pink, or orange as the binding. But I didn't listen even though I should have. I started sewing the binding to the quilt and I thought I better have a look at it so I took it out of the machine and pinned the binding to the back.....ugh. I didn't like it at all.

Still no!
So, I still didn't listen and I dug through my strips and leftover hunks of fabric and I found a pretty blue green solid that I liked. I cut the strips and joined them together all the while feeling misgivings about the colour. This time I laid it on the quilt top before I pressed the binding in half and it was definitely a no go as well - way too dark. At least I hadn't trimmed the joined ends so I can just take it apart and put it in my strip bins and use it for something else.
Looks like a good candidate.
I dug through my fabric stash looking for what the quilt really wanted and I found this. I think it is going to look much better! :)

That's the one!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pierrette's Rainbow Quilt

Fresh off the frame!
My sewing room is filled with hunks of batting that are leftovers from other quilts. We all save these pieces with good intentions but these pieces are not big enough for a quilt. Some are really good sized chunks but they just aren't quite large enough so I keep passing them over for new full sized pieces that I can easily cut from the bolt. I really need to use these pieces up and get them out of my sewing room. They take up about 3 large laundry baskets and I just don't have the space! So, after I wrote my post the other day I grabbed three somewhat larger hunks and pieced them together to create a piece of batting big enough to accommodate the quilt I am working on.

The next thing I did was to piece a backing together. This same fabric was used as a backing for a quilt I had made as a gift and I had enough of it left but it also was in pieces that were not quite large enough. I had three pieces in total that included two larger pieces that when sewn together just didn't quite make it. I added the third piece along one side and it worked. Of course I was not able to match designs but I am okay with that. I still have enough left over that I could use as the binding for this quilt or I might be able to make a pillowcase. We'll see.

The quilting is now done and you really can't tell that I used a Frankenstein batting that was all stitched together. I am quite happy with the way this quilt is coming together. The quilting is fairly dense and should hold all of the batting together without any problems even after many washes.

Thank you all for the welcome back. I have missed blogging and all of the camaraderie that goes with it!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wow....Time Does Fly By!!!

It all started with a broken computer......

I recently got a brand new computer and I am ready to start blogging and sharing again. It is quite strange how difficult it is to start blogging again after such a long break! 
I have an upcoming trip to visit one of my brothers and I want to take a quilt with me to give as a gift to my ex sister-in-law. The trip is coming up quickly and I don't really have a lot of time to make a quilt from scratch so I thought I would quickly finish this one that I had been working on for the 2013 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I had put white borders on it thinking I would showcase some fancy type quilting in the large blank areas but things have changed. I have removed the borders and I will quilt it 'as is' and finish it up.

I don't actually need the quilt finished until October 12, which is Thanksgiving weekend, but I have been working part-time since May and that does put a bit of a cramp in my free time.
Something else that is new is this serger. I have been trying my hand at garment sewing and I have made a couple practice nightgowns. Nothing that I want to share at this time because I really am quite the beginner but I expect to get better as time goes on.

I used it to stay stitch around the outer perimeter of this quilt top because after ripping out the stitching to remove the border some of the seams were separating. I think the serger is going to be a very useful addition in the quilting studio.

Now that I have made this post I am very happy to be back in the swing of things!