Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tiny Tuesday

This little cutie will finish at 4.5".
Could this mean that I am getting my quilting mojo back?? I sure hope so!!! I have now made two Tiny Tuesday blocks in a row and when I finished this block I was already making decisions on the next one. Definitely a good sign!

This block turned out so darn cute...it is Midget Block #99 and is called Rope & Anchor. I used some of the pretty blue scraps that I had left over from the baby quilt I made recently so I guess it also qualifies for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Oh my....am I on a roll???

This morning I have to take my husband to physio, pick up clothing at the dry cleaners and make a bean salad for my guild pot luck lunch tomorrow. We will have leftover spaghetti and sauce that I made yesterday for dinner tonight. There really are chores that should/need to be done but I say chores...schmores. Other than those few must-dos, if I don't do any chores, I will have pretty much the whole day and evening to spend in my sewing room. We will see what happens!


belarmina said...

Muy bonito este bloque!!
disfruta de tu día de costura

Peggy said...

Oh, that IS cute! Makes me want to get back to sewing, but the redecorating is taking too much precedence (and sewing space) right now!

Deb A said...

So glad the quilting mojo is back. Those chores will be there tomorrow!

audrey said...

Good to be getting back in the groove with your quilting I'm sure.:)

scraphappy said...

You are on a roll! Your block looks great. Hope to see one next week too :)

Chantal said...

So cute. Love polka dots blue. Yes, you're on a roll!! Keep rolling lol.