Monday, December 15, 2014

Round Robin

Latest round added by my sister Cheryl
I finally got my quilt top back from my sister. She had it for ages and even though, if I remember correctly, she returned it to me in November I have not done anything with it as of yet. It has grown considerably and is now 60" square.

This was what it looked like before she added her latest round.
I really like the way this quilt top has evolved - it looks really good. This is my first medallion quilt top and I know that I will be making more...lots more.

The round robin has been challenging but also a lot of fun. Working on a quilt with someone else and being challenged by their design ideas has made it very interesting and rewarding. Doing the round robin with my sister has pushed and pulled me into uncharted territory.

Now I have to figure out what I want to add as my next round. I hope it doesn't take me too long to decide!


Manuela said...

Wonderful quilt top.

Greetings, Manuela

blauraute said...

Gorgeous!!!! I can understand you that you'll make an other medaillon quilt as soon as possible. I think it was last month I sawn a medaillon quilt with christmas fabrics. This is something I'll do next year. The problem is that I cann't buy the book in europe but I think I'll try it with my onwn messures.
Have a nice time before christmas and take care

Terri said...

How fun - and it's shared fun, too. Does your sis have a blog?

Chantal said...

Wow! I love the latest round. The colours match so well with the rest of the quilt. Did you too shared fabric again ? LOL! It's gorgeous!

audrey said...

Those stars look fabulous! Love the direction this quilt is going in. Medallion quilts really are a lot of fun.:)

Jo said...

The decision is always the hardest. It takes time to be comfortable with you choice.,you will get there