Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Seven Sisters Quilt

I am just so excited that I finished the latest Seven Sisters quilt that I just couldn't control myself and I have already started the next one.

I had previously started piecing some stars from fuchsia fabric and when I dug them out on Tuesday they just weren't doing it for me.

Just not digging it at the moment!
The original fabrics that I had chosen to go with the fuchsia stars just didn't seem to want to play together nicely. What was I to do but set those stars aside for another day and dig through my stash to find some replacement fabric.

I have decided to go with this small floral fabric for the stars with the light purple as the background. The large floral and the darker purple/burgundy (not sure what colour to call it because it seems to be a cross between the two) will find a place in the quilt too.

The tools I use for marking the fabric are very simple and low tech - a pencil, large ruler, small ruler and my home made templates to help mark the diamond shapes for the stars. It really is quite easy to cut the pieces from the fabric and it doesn't really take too much time either. I already have quite a few pieces cut and I have also sewn a star together to see how it will look.  After seeing one star made, I hope the small floral isn't too busy!


Jo said...

I can't quite picture it

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I just started hand piecing and you are so right it doesn't take much time to mark and cut the shapes. So portable to take them along anywhere and use our time more wisely.

Deb A said...

Pretty! You are correct - a little prep work and then you are off and running on your project. Did you make your templates from a pattern? So excited to watch another sisters quilt come to life. Do you have a sister in mind for this when you pick out fabric? Just curious.

belarmina said...

esta nueva colcha sera impresionante!!!
la tela es deliciosa,
me gusta ver como organizas tu trabajo
buen fin de semana

Chantal said...

I can't picture that but, with four men in the house, I really don't have a lot of floral fabric to play with so I am no expert :) Show me how it is done Ellen. Go for it.