Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Orange

Angela had posted two blocks recently for the Rainbow Sampler and I have finished them with only a wee bit of trouble. The first block - Plus - went together without any problem at all but Ribbon was another story completely. I got it all together and then ended up having to take it all apart because I didn't have the correct fabric placement. I thought I had followed Angela's instructions but somehow I mucked it all up. :)

My Ribbon block turned out a bit wild and crazy looking and it is difficult to see the 'woven ribbons' but I guess that is what happens when you try to use whatever scraps are on hand. For the Plus block I used 3.5"and 2.5" strips from my bins and for the Ribbon block I was able to use a few 2" x 3.5" rectangles and 2" squares.

I also made some pinwheel blocks in orange just because I could!

Pop on over to soscrappy's and check out the links from other participants in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


scraphappy said...

That ribbon block does seem to be tricky for what should be a pretty straight forward pattern. I like the wild and crazy look. In the end, you have put some scraps to good use and that is the main thing after all.

Jo said...

Nice looking blocks. More scraps used. Yippee

belarmina said...

me gustan !!!!
todos los naranjas, son tan alegres
el bloque de cintas precioso

Deb A said...

Thanks for the heads up on paying attention when making that block. I hope to sew it up tomorrow. Your oranges are looking good. Does it feel good to be back in the sewing room?

sajuki said...

great !
Greetings from Poland :)