Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Practice

I loaded the second Guild cuddle quilt on the frame this morning and got right to it. This quilt has green sashing and the backing is mostly green so I chose a pretty green thread. I think the colour of the thread looks quite good on all of the fabrics.

I still need a lot of practice with my free form flowers so I did the same quilting pattern as yesterday - flower and loop combo. I think I did do a better job at getting the flower petals to meet 'sort of' in the middle but I still have issues of overshooting my stopping point. Overall, I think I did do a better job than yesterday and that is certainly a step in the right direction.

I know that whoever does receive these quilts won't really be trying to find fault with the quilting. These quilts go to people in need and I am glad that I am able to help in some small way.

I still need lots and lots of practice but the way my sewing studio is currently set up I do not have easy access to the long arm if I am using my sewing machine and vice versa.

I have been waiting very in years....for my husband to finish the basement reno. That would allow us both to have more space for our hobbies, etc. Unfortunately for him he will be having shoulder surgery in a few months and the basement needs to be finished before then. If not, we will probably have to add another year to the estimated finish date and that would be a very, very unhappy thing!!!


Chantal said...

Your quilting is very nice. Too bad you don't live closer as I would be happy to give you some pieces you could practice on. Sorry to hear about your hubby's shoulder. Good luck with the reno.

Jo said...

You did a great job. Love the green on this one

Jane said...

Another beautiful donation quilt-thank you so much!

Peggy said...

Beautiful quilting!