Friday, August 15, 2014

Loving My Little Houses

some sections that are ready to be joined
I am so enjoying working on this quilt...why oh why did I let it languish for so long??!! Yesterday afternoon I did go into my sewing studio and I spent way more time in there than I had intended. I just could not seem to pull myself away from these blocks. I even got up early this morning to continue joining the blocks together and now I don't have too much more to go. My photo shows nearly half of the sections that I have joined. I do like to join blocks together in squares or rectangles rather than sewing all long rows.

ooops...need to unsew some sashings
These blocks came about because of the blog Building Houses from Scraps. If I recall correctly, these houses were intended to be hand-pieced and finish at 4" and the pattern was offered free for a limited time. I wasn't ready to commit to hand piecing or a 4" house block so I redrafted the pattern so that the block would finish at 6" and I machine pieced them on my Singer 301a. Even with the pattern changes it did still take a fair amount of time to make the blocks. I made templates for the pieces and got a lot of practice with sewing that funky seam that joins the outer section of sky to the chimney and roof. I could have made that sky piece in two sections but I would have missed out on that challenge and the opportunity to learn and practice different techniques.

If I keep up the pace I am working at it won't be long before I have a quilt to snuggle under!


Alison V. said...

Adorable! I was very tempted to make this quilt as well when it came out!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Sister!

Love these little houses!

Hope you have the best birthday ever....ever... Love sis

Jo said...

Keep up the good work.
Is there Birthday Wishes around.,
If so, have a good one

canuckquilter said...

I'm guessing that this project languisehd just long enough for you to be able to appreciate it again. It is looking wonderful. I can see why you redrafted to a 6" block!

Quilter Kathy said...

Don't you just LOVE when a project has such fun energy that you'd get up early to sew on it?!?! That's just the best! It is fantastic Ellen!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

oh this is adorable / love it :)

Grit said...

I love your little houses too. They are so wonderful.

Manuela said...

I like your little houses.
It's a wonderful project.

Greetings, Manuela

Cathy said...

Oh, your little village is so cute! I never thought of joining blocks that way. Probably makes the job a little more interesting.

Looks like it might be your birthday. If so...hope you had a happy one!

Nell's Quilts said...

It's a quilt! Well soon! Your little town is coming together so nicely.