Thursday, August 21, 2014

Guild Cuddle Quilts are Finished

Today is a very dull, dreary day with intermittent rain showers. A perfect day to stay indoors and finish hand sewing the last bit of binding on these quilts.

These quilts aren't very big - approximately 39" x 49" - but they will make wonderful cuddle quilts for children in need. They came to me as completed flimsies and the blocks were pieced by other members of the guild. They are basically made up from various scrappy strips of fabric that were string pieced onto a fairly thin foundation fabric. They really were perfect for me to practice my free hand quilting on and they both got flowers and loops.

My photos are not that great but trust me....they did turn out pretty cute!

Resting after the trip to the vet.
On a side note - earlier this week I had taken my dogs out to have their nails trimmed. We just arrived home and we were going up the steps to the front door when I tripped on the leash and my foot landed very, very hard on poor Peanut's front right paw. She is so tiny and weighs less than 10 lbs. and I immediately knew that it was not going to be good. I immediately started using a bag of frozen corn to cool her leg/foot and made arrangements to see the vet. Her leg seemed to be okay but the vet suspected broken toe(s) and/or bruising. I didn't have x-rays taken (she didn't recommend them) because she said even if it was broken they wouldn't splint it anyway. Peanut is still in a lot of pain if she tries to use her paw and she is hopping around the house and yard on three legs. There has been some slight improvement in that I have noticed that she has started to occasionally put her paw down to balance herself but she does not put any weight on it all. If she accidentally does she cries out in pain. Even though it was an accident I feel terrible that this happened and all I can do is hope that she will have a quick and full recovery. 


lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

I hope she feels better very soon,you must be feeling awful.My little dog is small and I'm constantly worried about treading on her she's always under my feet.

belarmina said...

comprendo tu pena por tu perrita,
pero pronto estarĂ¡ bien y contenta con los cuidados que le das los edredones preciosos

Chantal said...

So sorry for Peanut. Hope she gets better soon.
Congrats on two finishes.

Jo said...

Poor PEANUT. She is so cute. Hope she is better soon

Terri said...

Your Peanut knows it was an accident. She doesn't growl at you or shy away. You need to remember that, too.
Love those quilts. Good job finishing.