Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Off the Frame

Thank you so much to Angela for suggesting the oak leaf/acorn quilting design. I didn't quite have that design but I did have a maple leaf panto called Maple Syrup and the quilt looks fabulous! I knew someone would be able to help me if I just put it out there!!

After I wrote my post I did get out the whiteboard and I thought I might like this design but honestly, Angela's idea was so much better. I got a few rows quilted in the morning and I had it pretty close to being finished but thunderstorms rolled in and I turned off the machine and unplugged it - just in case. Even though it is plugged into a surge protector I just don't want to risk it!

backing fabric
While the storm was working itself out I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and turned it into two huge pans of lasagna. My guys were very happy about dinner. I froze one pan and we will definitely be having lasagna leftovers for a few days.

Maple Syrup panto
Once the storm passed I headed back into the studio and finished off the last 20" or so of quilting. The quilt is approx 59" x 72" and I quilted it with brown thread. Of course, I was admiring it the whole time I was working on it - my sister did such a great job with the design. I have trimmed and squared the top for my sister so all she has to do is add her binding and label.
Molly and Peanut wanted to model the quilt!


Deb A said...

Great job on the quilting! Looks like it is doggie approved. Lasagna sounds wonderful...

Aunt 'Reen said...

Great pattern choice - the quilting looks fabulous! Congratulations on another beautiful finish!

Quilter Kathy said...

It is perfect! Don't you just love when blog readers provide just the right spark to get you going in a new direction?!?

Sheila said...

It turned out beautifully. The drawing on the paper looks like soft ripples on a pond.

Terri said...

MMMM Lasagna! Haven't made that since the cold season. We try not to use the oven when it's 100 outside. LOL
Your models do a wonderful job. Love your quilt.

scraphappy said...

It turned out beautiful! Congratulations on another great finish. Keep moving while you are on a roll!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Thank you so very much! Love the Maple Syrup pattern. So you just gave the quilt its name "Maple Syrup". The quilt has a rustic look to it. Thank you again Ellen! Best sister ever! Love sis