Monday, June 16, 2014

Quilts Delivered...sort of!

Last Thursday I drove to my sister Glenda's house to deliver the quilts that I recently finished for my niece Amanda, and two of our nephews - Nick and Daniel. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to deliver the quilts to the guys so I had to leave them with my sister. The guys were working in the fields with their Dad and just couldn't break away so because Glenda lives very close to them she will try to arrange a time when they can meet up and she can deliver the quilts. All I can say is that it would have been great to deliver the quilts personally but it still puts me closer to achieving my goal of getting quilts finished and out of my sewing studio!

Glenda and I talk on the phone all of the time but she lives about 1.5 hours from me so we don't see each other quite as often as we would like. This time when I went to visit instead of having a rushed one day visit I stayed overnight. The plan was that as soon as I arrived we would head off to all of the surrounding second-hand stores and did we ever. We had a really good time checking out the bargains!

One of the best bargains I found was this thread. Look at this thread - it is $1 a cone. I was pretty sure this is the same type of thread that I use for my long arm but it is manufactured by a different company. There are 6000 yards on each spool and even though a couple look like they may have been used there is still plenty on the cones. The colours are great and it is certainly a welcome addition to my thread drawer.

We are expecting rain today and it looks like it will be arriving any minute so I will spend most of my day inside working on the binding for my Celtic Solstice quilt. Another quilt almost finished!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Yaaaaay! More thread! Love the deal. Love sis

Terri said...

Atta Girl - 3 finishes! and nearly free thread! Life is good.

Donna M said...

Wow, that was a great deal on the thread. I sure hope your sister takes photos of the nephews receiving their quilts.

Quilter Kathy said...

WOW! Great deal on the thread...great colours too!

audrey said...

Congrats on getting your quilts delivered! Too bad for you not to see the expressions though. Love your thread bargains! Good for you!

Chantal said...

Way to go Ellen. You are HOT!!
I guess hugs with be coming your way soon from the nephews.
Great thread colours. You know what that means right? You are NOT done quilting ;)