Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Quilt

A new quilt and a new Guild! I have joined another guild -The Moraine Quilt Guild - and so far my experience there has been fantastic. The first meeting I attended was yesterday and I had such a good time - everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They have a sit and sew that you can attend for a few hours before the meeting starts and I took good advantage of that time and started working on a new quilt.

tower of blocks!
This quilt has very humble beginnings....I had started making twosies from green and neutral 2" scrappy squares as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last year. I got some made at that time and I continued with them yesterday. By the end of my sewing day yesterday, I had quite a few 4 patches assembled.

Today, I added 3.5" scrappy squares to the mix and then started sewing everything together.

testing background fabric
I had some trouble deciding on my background fabric...I didn't want to do scrappy so I had to choose fabrics from my stash that I had at least 3.75 yds. available. I made a few samples and then I chose one of them. I really want to use only stash for this quilt and I think I have made a pretty good choice. I still need to sew some more green/neutral 4 patches because as it stands I don't have quite enough for a full sized quilt and I will continue with that over the next few days. I am really happy with the way things are going so far with this quilt.
The above photo shows the actual colour - this looks a little faded.


Grit said...

Looks great so far.

belarmina said...

buen comienzo!!!!
me gustan los colores
las telas del fondo son todas bonitas,
yo tendrĂ­a un problema para decidir
cual poner

Donna M said...

Nice choice for the background. The one just above it would have been nice, too. I love my guild. Several people I knowbelongto more than one.