Monday, March 24, 2014

Round Robin - In Progress

I have done a ton of work on this block but I know it doesn't look like it! I thought I figured out how I wanted to make my border for my round and I made some test blocks but I didn't care for them. I had used the same zigzag design but used a solid beige instead of the patterned neutral fabric and it just didn't look quite right to me. So that idea went by the wayside and I got another idea. I got the border for the second idea probably about 85% complete and then decided it was not working out....grrrrr!!! The upside is that I just may be able to use it in a later round - hopefully.

I went back to my original idea and started making the zigzag blocks with the patterned neutral and I do like how it looks but I have just about run out of the dark green fabric that I am using.

I am going to visit my sister today to do some shopping and we also planned on swapping our blocks. I will pick up her block but she definitely won't be getting mine. Instead, I will shop her stash because I am pretty sure that she has enough of the dark green fabric in her stash that she can share some with me. I am confident that I will be able to move forward with my design and all will be well.

My husband will be going to Toronto tomorrow so if I can get right at it when I get home tonight I will be able to have my round finished and he can deliver it to my sister tomorrow. I still need to finish making the bottom section and then the corners (I do hope my corner blocks work out - fingers crossed).


audrey said...

Your borders are looking great! Love that red in the last border.:)

Aunt 'Reen said...

I see LOTS of piecework, you really can see that you've spent a lot of time on this!
I think the zig zag round looks wonderful!

Deb A said...

Looking good. Hope you can get the fabric you need from your sister. That zigzag looks like a lot of work.