Friday, March 28, 2014

March Block Lotto

This month's block is will finish at a whopping 14". This is really outside my comfort zone because I usually make my blocks  a lot smaller. When I am working on a quilt I prefer my blocks to finish less than 9" although I have made some 12" but they were very large to me. It is not a bad thing to live a little and get outside of that comfort zone!

The guidelines this month are the background fabric had to be green and the light fabric could not be white. We are allowed to enter up to 4 blocks this month. I am itching for Spring so I did both of my blocks with a purple contrasting fabric. The green in the second block looks a little yellow in the photo but it really is a very pretty green. As you can see the second block has much higher contrast than the first. As usual, the instructions were perfect and very easy to follow.

Pop on over to Block Lotto to check out the details. It is very easy to join and participation each month is not mandatory.


Cheryl said...

Good Morning Ellen

Your blocks are looking great! Really love the light green with the popping purple pattern.
Love sis

Debra said...

I adore the pin dot block! the design almost looks 3-D to me.