Friday, March 21, 2014

Cuddle Quilts

For the past few weeks I have been feeling a bit out of sorts and really haven't been doing much sewing at all. I finally started feeling better a couple days ago and realized that I needed to get myself together and make these cuddle quilts for the guild.

If I remember correctly, I picked up these kits way back in October or November and I had planned to have them finished and delivered for the January guild meeting. Well I didn't attend that meeting because it was going to be the annual Merchant Night and I would have been too tempted to buy a lot of fabric that is not in my budget at this time :(  ......and then I totally missed the February meeting.

These little kits really are quite quick and easy to sew together. All of the materials are provided including the batting, backing and binding. I quilted these yesterday and I trimmed the edges this morning. Today I plan to sew the binding to the front and over the next couple days I will hand stitch it to the back. I need to have them finished for Wednesday and I know I can get them done.


Sheila said...

Sweet, colorful cuddle quilts : )
Fun patterns. Do guild members assemble the kits? Are they small, for children?

Deb A said...

What great little quilts! So glad you are ok. I was getting worried. Sometimes the winter blues hit - especially with all that snow. Will try and send some sunshine and warm weather up your way.

Quilter Kathy said...

These are adorable...a perfect little pick-me-up project.

Jane said...

Ellen, glad you're feeling better
These quilts look great-see you Wednesday!
Jane& Fran