Monday, February 3, 2014

February Block Lotto

I have already made my Block Lotto blocks for February and I think this bead block pattern is just so cute! They weren't too difficult to make although I was quite intimidated by them when I first looked at them. The machine applique scared the * out of me but they really are just quilt blocks so I went for it. I don't think I did too bad of a job either considering this was only my second attempt at machine applique.

The instructions provided by Sophie of Block Lotto were very clear and my blocks turned out the correct size.

I used a compass to help me make my circle template. There is a circle template included in the instructions that you can cut out and glue to your template material but I felt it would be easier for me to just draw my circle on a scrap of file folder.

I used glue to hold my fabric circles onto the backing fabric and that allowed me to remove the pins and it all stayed in place for me as I was sewing it to the background. After the blocks were cut in half, it was a bit of a challenge to align the two semi circles together to complete each block but it was easy to overcome.

I think these bead blocks would work beautifully with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I think I will make some each month.


Deb A said...

That is so neat! They will look great in the rainbow colors each month.

Gina said...

Great blocks and I agree, a quilt of these in all colours will look great xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I love these little bead blocks. So glad to hear you are going to make the rainbow challenge quilt with these bead blocks. Great way to improve applique skills. Good Luck and good fun! Love sis

Fiber Babble said...

I often get inspired by the Block Lotto offerings, but this one is the first in a long time that I've actually started. As with many, I've discovered that I have little to no maroon fabric, but I have WAY plenty orange and yellow so I'm set.

I'm seriously considering making many more than are required for the Lotto and making a quilt for myself because I came up with a killer setting idea.

After all, it's February. New Year's Resolutions are soooooo last month... :-)

Cathy said...

Thanks for pointers on how you made yours. I think that will be a fun RSC project. I was intimidated by the darned block too so started by making my own for the QAL in case I messed up too much. I'm not sure about the machine applique. I think I will do mine by hand. I don't see very well when doing things like that on the machine.

I thought it would be fun to modify the block somewhat and make a Christmas garland with them laid out horizontal or Christmas ornaments hanging vertically. My daughter wants a Christmas quilt.