Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Quilt Block Design

I have decided on the block that I will be using for this new baby quilt and it is called Old Snowflake. I was poking around in EQ7 and Block Base for ideas and this block looked just perfect.

I tried a couple fabric options and have decided on the darker green surrounding the center block and blue as the accent strips through the corner blocks.

I am only using fabrics from my stash and I know I am really cutting it close with the yellow fabric. I hope there is enough because I really want to to use this specific fabric -  it has little pale orange paw prints all over it - so cute!


soscrappy said...

What a fun block, it is just an Ohio Star with an extra stripe in the corners. Too cute! There are so many fun variations on blocks to try. Hope you have enough of the paw print fabric.

canuckquilter said...

Very cute! Fingers are crossed for you about the fabric.

Deb A said...

Very cute block you chose. Fingers crossed that you have enough of the fabrics.

audrey said...

This looks very fun!

Scrapatches said...

I really love the block and colors. My daughter is planning a baby jungle animal theme for her nursery. This is an idea I may think about adding to "the list." Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

belarmina said...

que divertido !!!
la lineas azules se ven genial y los animales... me gusta