Friday, December 27, 2013

Celtic Solstice and Cold Weather

Bonnie Hunter released the latest step in her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt and I see that it uses hsts that were made in step 3. Luckily....I just finished that step last night and I am good to go!

I still need to work on step 4 and I don't think that will take me very long to complete but I do think that this latest step is a bit of a doozy. I always have trouble making split triangle units even when my seam allowance is set correctly. I must sew really crooked or something because many of the units I have made in the past have been noticeably crooked.

Yesterday was a bit of crazy day and I feel so bad for my neighbour. She bought the house next door probably about 1.5 yrs ago or so and I have really only seen her once for about a 10 min conversation. Our weather lately has been just horrible, freezing rain that has caused lots of damage and power outages, very cold temps and plenty of snowfall. Yesterday, my husband was out in the driveway and he started chatting with a neighbour across street and they were discussing that no one has seen her at all lately. They looked toward her front door and decided to take a closer look. They were shocked at what they saw.....

My husband called the town emergency number to report there was a water leak that was causing severe damage and no one was home and that water could be heard running inside the house. The town sent someone around to check it out and they called the police.

In the end the police broke down the side door to see if in fact anyone was inside and, thankfully, no one was home. They were able to find contact info inside the home and apparently the owner was away on vacation and due home last night. The town shut off the water to the house but there is no way the house is habitable. There were wood floors on all levels and they are all buckled, the ceilings have been falling down and the damage really is catastrophic.This is a home that would normally sell for over half a million dollars and was absolutely gorgeous inside and now it has been literally destroyed sad. I cannot imagine the emotional toll that this will take on the owner...I know I would be in total shock. I hope that she does not have problems dealing with her insurance company and that she can return to her home quickly.


soscrappy said...

You are making great progress on the solstice quilt. So sorry to hear about your neighbors home. We had a friend who goes away every summer and came back to a huge water leak. His entire house grew mold! After living in a hotel for several months, insurance replaced or repaired everything.

Donna M said...

I can not even imagine coming home to that mess. Or, having to deal with the renovation. Good luck on your Celtic Soltice quilt. Looks likeyou are making great strides in keeping up.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love your blocks so far. I'm so sorry about your neighbors home. :(

audrey said...

Love the colors of your blocks. I always end up with crooked ones too! Too bad about your neighbors home--the damage will be very tough to deal with I'm sure.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Love your little windmill blocks. Love the orange and yellow. You know I also cannot seem to get my little hst straight. What a mess sorry for the neighbour! Love sis

belarmina said...

cuantos avances, con tantas fiesta
ademas de cocinar y cuidar a la familia ¡¡¡tiene mi admiración!!!
los vecinos.... tendrán muchísimo trabajo ara recuperar todo
buen fin de semana