Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scrap Happy Saturday

This week I made some tiny churn dash blocks from the scraps I had left from last week. Not very exciting but they really are cute and they will be going into a quilt for one of my nephews. You can't really tell by the photo but they will finish at 3".

I also have another quilt planned that I need 2" x 3.5" rectangles. I had taken out a lot of brown rectangles from my bin when I made my Linked (crossroad block) quilt. It used up a ton of the brown rectangles so I pulled out some brown strips from my 3.5" strip bins and started cutting them to size. I had automatically pulled out my 2" strips because I do use that size fairly often but then after I thought about it I realized that I should use the 3.5" instead. The 3.5" strip bin is quite full and overflowing because I just do not use that size as often. I will be needing a lot more rectangles of all colours for the quilt, so over the next while I will be cutting as many scraps as possible into rectangles.
bin containing small rectangles
I will need a lot of neutral rectangles for the planned quilt so I have started cutting some of them from the strips as well. I will stop cutting the neutrals at this point because I know that I will also be needing neutrals for the Bonnie Hunter mystery and I want to have lots of variety for that.

I am linking up with soscrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


Sheila said...

What beautiful strips, scraps and blocks.
I'm doing Bonnie's Mystery Quilt, too. This is going to be fun : )

Karen said...

Very nice churn dash blocks. I will be watching to see what you are making next with your browns.

Deb A said...

So pretty. I think I'll join you on some churn dashes next year. Looking forward to the mystery - are you doing small or large?

Cathy said...

Those are the cutest little churn dash blocks. I love blocks that finish at 3 inches and aren't too difficult to make.

Anxious to see what your next project will be.

Julie in GA said...

More beautiful Churn Dash blocks!
I am really enjoying your multi-size blocks.

Angie said...

Fun seeing more churn dash blocks! And your strip bin is so neat and tidy!