Thursday, November 21, 2013

Practice, Practice and Practice

I have been thinking about my quilting a lot lately and how I want to do more free motion quilting and not just a meander or loopy-loop. Don't get me wrong, I do love how both designs look and when I took the first step from meander to loopy loop it didn't just happen. I had to practice to make it happen. Now that I have become comfortable with that design it feels like it just seems to flow out of me without any difficulty at all.

One of the reasons I got the long-arm was so that I could really expand my repertoire of free motion designs and become adept at using them in the right places on a quilt. I know that I am not an 'artist' in that I couldn't draw to save my life so it really is quite the challenge for me because free motion quilting is, in effect, drawing on fabric with thread.

I have decided that I need to practice drawing some sort of free motion pattern for 30 minutes every day on a white board. Once I get something worked out, that I can do fairly comfortably, I will need to practice it on the long arm. I had my first disaster trial sister wants to make a nice comfy mattress pad for her soon-to-be grand baby's crib and she asked make some quilted fabric for it. She told me to just do whatever I wanted because she knows I need the practice. She doesn't really care (too much) about any mistakes in the quilting and there surely is! I tried to do a double loop and it was a lot harder than it looks.

I need to get back to the drawing board!


Cheryl said...

Hey Ellen
Thank you! I love your little double loop! Love sis

Quilter Kathy said...

It really is harder than it looks, which is why so many people give up. Keep at it and you will get better with each passing quilt finish!

Peggy said...

It is amazing how hard it is to do these designs, but so much fun practicing them! I tend to use threads that blend, and the mistakes just fade away - at least as far as anybody else is concerned!

audrey said...

I'm so terrified of free motion! I can see where the practice would help tremendously though--the brain to hand thing.

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

I can only do squiggles,Whenever I try a pattern it all goes horribly wrong ,but that's OK.I will keep practicing.Your quilting looks great ,love the loopy loops.x

scraphappy said...

I think your double loops are looking pretty darn good. We are always our own worst critics, but in the finished quilt, lots of patterns look better than they do in ink.