Monday, November 11, 2013

Out of the Hoop!

Yesterday was Slow Stitching Sunday over at Kathy's Quilts but I didn't have anything ready to post. I did do some slow stitching but it wasn't until later last night while watching the Walking Dead. Honestly, that is the only show that I actually make time to watch and I can't wait for it each week.

I still need to remove the marked quilting lines.
When I was quilting I broke my needle and I had only one replacement needle left. I seem to like to use the #8 Gold Eye Betweens from Dritz. I threaded up the new needle and immediately bent it - what???!!! I went searching in my stash and found some #9s and started using those. They are a smaller, finer needle and seem to be a lot sharper because I have pricked myself more in the last quilting session than I have in a long time.
All that is left on the spool!

I didn't quite finish as much quilting as I had hoped to, so this morning I planted myself back on the couch and finished up while watching Days of Remembrance on the History Channel. Don't forget to take a few minutes of quiet reflection at 11:00 am to remember and honour the sacrifice of so many young people so we can have our freedom.


Deb A said...

Beautiful job on your quilting.Sorry to hear about the bent needles. Question for you - how often do you change out your hand quilting needles?

audrey said...

Ooh, needle troubles--so frustrating! So, you said 'out of the hoop', does that mean you are finished with the hand quilting now? Great stitching pattern.:)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Hope my in the hoop gets freed soon! Your seven sisters looks wonderful completed!

Quilter Kathy said...

Do you mean "finished up" as in done for today, or do you mean completely finished??? Either way I am glad you had some hand quilting relaxation!
Thanks for linking up!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations Ellen on your finish. It looks fantastic and I love the Baptist Fans
Now you can put the next Seven Sisters quilt top in the hoop and start all over again! Love it. Sis

canuckquilter said...

Your quilt looks lovely out of the hoop. I'm glad you were able to find another needle so you could finish. I tend to bend and break a lot of needles, especially when I'm quilting in the ditch or across seams. I don't know if the problem is my technique or the needles or both! I've just resigned myself to keeping a full package of needles in reserve.