Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guild Baby Quilt

quilting in process
I had a window of opportunity to load up the baby quilt that I am making for the guild Outreach Program onto the frame and get it done - so I did! I was a bit concerned about the size though because the quilt top finished at approx 39" x 52" and the backing was only 44" x 54". There really was very little backing to spare but I did manage to make it work even though I did stress about it a bit.

I quilted it with off-white thread in my usual free hand loopy-loop meander and I think it turned out pretty good even though I probably could have done a better job of checking the underside for tension.

I already have the binding made so once I trim the top it will be ready for binding. I still don't think I will get it all finished in time for the next guild meeting but progress is progress!


Sheila said...

This is so cute. Love your loopy quilting. Looks like fun!

Quilter Kathy said...

You are making amazing progress over there this week!

Deb A said...

You are doing a good job at moving this quilt along. Great job.