Friday, November 15, 2013

A New Baby Quilt

I need to make two new baby quilts pronto! There will be two new babies born in our family in February and there is a baby shower for one of them on December 1. My sister Cheryl and my sister Sandra are both going to be first-time grannies. We know that Sandra's grandchild will be a boy but Cheryl's grandchild is being quite modest and is keeping it a secret. At this point, I am not too sure which baby will get which quilt so I need to get them both finished as quickly as possible.

I have started making the first quilt and I don't think it will take me too long to finish it. It is so pretty and bright - perfect for a new baby. I am using some fabric that I have had in my stash for a very long time and I say it is about time! The top fabric with the large print is going to be for the backing.

I decided to make the quilt using the Disappearing Four Patch pattern and there are many tutorials available on the web.

I started out with four 5" squares that I joined together as a 4 patch.

sections cut
I cut the center sections at 1.5" from both sides of the center. It is much easier if you are able to turn your cutting mat as you make the cuts. Once you do the cutting you need to reverse the 4 rectangular sections so that you end up with a checkerboard effect. My blocks will finish at 8".

rectangular sections reversed
This is the first time that I have made this pattern and I think it is going to make a delightful baby quilt.
2 sample blocks


Deb A said...

So cute! That looks like a fast quilt block.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Oh these quilt blocks look so cute! Love the fabric so very much.
Love sis

canuckquilter said...

Very cute! I'll have to remember that pattern.

Brenda said...

Perfect!!! That is a fun baby quilt - and love how happy and bright it is!!

Looks like I need to brighten up my stash!! ;)