Wednesday, October 30, 2013

String Blocks for the Guild

I had brought home four little bundles of fabric from the October Guild meeting and they contained all of the parts needed to make string blocks. These strips are considerably wider than the strings that I would normally save and use for my own string blocks. The center string is consistently the same fabric and they are stitched to the provided background square of foundation fabric. As I stitched the strips together I kept thinking about the scrap stash they came from and how fabulous those scraps were. Somehow when I see other quilter's scrappy bits of fabric I always think they look more interesting and way better than my own!

My picture of them would be considerably cuter if I had the blocks trimmed but we have been asked to leave them untrimmed. These blocks hardly took any time at all to make because of the size of the strips and I am glad that I brought home four of them instead of just one.

I also managed to finally get my own pile of scrap fabric cut into strips, rectangles and squares. I still need more variety with my rectangles so I have started pulling strips from my strip bins and will work on cutting them to size over the next while. I am not really in a big hurry, I just want to have everything ready for when I am ready to make the quilt top.


Brenda said...

These string blks look interesting..... Is this a project for you, or is it a group project and you are doing this with others?? Only ask because of you having to wait to trim so.... But i do like these. Keep having fun wit them and enjoy the process!!

soscrappy said...

Other people's scraps are always more fun than our own. Something about the novelty of them appeals to our creative urges.

Jane said...

Your blocks look great!
I agree-other people's scraps always look better than our own!

Cathy said...

It sounds like you are enjoying the guild experience. It is fun sharing the love of fabric and quilting with others of like mind. I passed on the link to the lady who was at your guild last month to the program committee of our guild. She looks really interesting, and different, too.