Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guild Night

Last night was Guild night and at the meeting I picked up a few things to work on. First, I checked out the library table and found a book called Floral Abundance - Applique Designs Inspired by William Morris and I decided it needed to come home with me for the month. During the break, I visited the Outreach table and picked out a quilt kit and 4 little bundles of fabric. I also picked up a square of Christmas fabric to make the Block of the Month. I guess I don't think I have quite enough projects on the go!

The speaker was renowned textile artist Gunnel Hag. She gave an interesting talk and she showed quite a few samples of her work. If I remember correctly she has made fabric for productions like the Lion King and Resident Evil among others. When you see her samples up close and personal they really are quite wonderful.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

So glad you had a great night out. Being inspired is a good thing. Love sis